Star Diamond San Diego: Custom Jewelry manufacturing. Wholesale Diamonds, fancy colored, natural and enhanced, from .005 to 50+ carats.

Star Diamond is your premiere source for...

If you would like information about wholesale diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, or custom jewelry manufacturing, please contact us by phone. Our phone number is:
1 (619) 234-2133.
  • Wholesale Diamonds from .005 to 50+ carats
  • Design and manufacture of all styles of jewelry. We provide everything from start to finish, including:
    1. Cad Design
    2. Wax Mold
    3. Precision Casting
    4. Diamond Selection
    5. Setting and Finishing
  • We also purchase precious stones and metals.
  • We have access to fancy colored diamonds, both natural and enhanced, in any size or shape.
  • We sell all Fancy Shape melee ~ Princess, Baguette, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Assher, Radiant
  • We sell Ideal cut melee from 1mm to 4.7mm, in high and medium quality.
Star Diamond, 861 Sixth Avenue Suite 715 San Diego CA, 92101 (click for map)